About Our Sphynx

The Sphynx cat is not exactly “naked” since it’s covered in a down that feels like a peach or soft chamois leather. They feel very warm to the touch because the normal temperature of a cat is about 101 degrees fahrenheit and there’s no coat to insulate you from them. This all makes them very addictive to cuddle and love! They come in all possible cat colors, although it’s obviously only the skin and down pigmentation you see, and they usually weigh between 6 – 12 pounds.

Sphynx are a silly, clumsy, active breed that is very affectionate, loving to curl up on you, get your attention in goofy ways, and adoring all the kisses you’ll undoubtedly feel obligated to shower them with! These are among the reasons we’ve become completely head-over-heels in love with them, and have decided to begin dabbling in showing and breeding this breed!

Sphynx cats need regular bathing and moisturizing much like humans. Because their natural oils are not distributed through a coat like other cats, it tends to attract dirt. Their skin is sensitive, so dermatologist recommended moisturizing body washes and lotions should be used. Chemicals and harsh degreasing soaps can cause irritation and rashes.

Although Sphynx cats prefer human attention, they also enjoy the company and have fun with dogs and other cats.

To learn more about the Sphynx cat, please see the breed profile on CFA’s website



Our Sphynx Cats

Briarson Naked & Famous

Blue-White Bicolor Sphynx male
CFA Southwest Region’s 14th Best Cat in Championship 2012-2013


Shelbie Jack Bare-A-Cat

Black-White Bicolor Sphynx Neuter
CFA Southwest Region’s Best Sphynx Kitten 2014-2015

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